“Fair and Lovely’ is now ‘Glow and Lovely and society is not colourist any more. Yay.

this is exactly what Indians look like. No, you are racist.

When our Constitution envisaged non-discrimintaion on the basis of colour, this is exactly what they were talking about. Not. And this is why you cannot sue HUL in the ocurt for the alleged ‘discrimination’. Moreover, this idea did not even occur to anyone. Why? Because it is foolish. Which is exactly the point.

Mint reported that this change was attributed to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is when you should start taking notes on postmodernism and impotence . if you do not understand, here’s a treat — a literal, genuine delightful read.


So what does Fair and Lovely’s change signify — does it no longer perform the task of a skin lightening cream, does it change the intention of the consumers? NIacinamide is the main ingredient — a melanin suppressant that HUL patented back in 1971. Let’s look at the ingredients, hopefully it has been altered.

Glow and Lovely, Source: Nykaa
The old product.

Oh the change was supposed to be only in name? Remember back in the 16th century when Shakespeare asked ‘What’s in the name?’ — it was because he knew that name does nothing except hide an individual’s insecurity. Romeo was the same man, and even if he changed his name — the substance remained the same. The Montague and Capulet rivalry was out of individual insecurity, and therefore Romeo and Julliet had to die. That was the tragedy.

12 years of english literature , and 500 years of history, and we have regressed to this.


Oh, so you did realise it was in name only, but itsent a positive message to people? So that they could escape the work of changing their views while simultaneously applauding this change in name.

Or you did realise, that this does not matter and it changes nothing. Maybe you hated the move. Maybe you did realise that society still hates dark people, especially women. And that’s why we have Dove. (if Dove tells you you are worth it, then you are worth it, Smile. ) If you are seeing this, it is for you.

This is how you fetishize problems, and this is how fetishized problems are treated, and this is how everyone’s fooled. You and me. And if you still think changing the name made a difference, the you are exactly who they are looking for. No GDPR amendments and PDPB can save you from being the target. Enjoy the consumption.




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